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Lubbock ISD eSports Students Compete at First Event

Last weekend, LubbockISD eSports students from Coronado, Monterey, and Lubbock high schools competed at their first event, the second annual Burleson ISD eSports Tournament in Arlington. Out of 60 teams playing in the “Rocket League” tournament, LubbockISD had four teams in the top 16 and one of those teams placed second overall. Coronado students Schon White and Cameron Strong, competing on the ATC eSports team, played more than 30 matches over 12 rounds before falling to an Arlington ISD team in the championship round. 

Lubbock ISD will begin its inaugural season in eSports on October 12 at a live event in the Lubbock High School cafeteria. eSports is a new program in the district that gives students who do not participate in traditional school activities an opportunity to become part of a team where they can excel and be involved in an activity they enjoy.

Check out photos here.