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Hub City Showdown Results - eSports in Lubbock ISD

The Hub City Showdown came about when some administrators and teachers in Lubbock ISD decided to bring eSports to West Texas. In April of 2019, the conversation began about having a live eSports event in Lubbock, TX. After countless hours of planning and research, the Hub City Showdown was born. This is an event to bring the West Texas Region into the realm of eSports and to give the students of our region and across the state an awesome experience 

Hub City Showdown brought together teams from across Texas. This was a pre-season event for PlayVS. Learn more about eSports below.

Results - October 12, 2019, Lubbock High School

Rocket League Results

  • 1st place: Epic Gamers (Frenship)
  • 2nd Place: Lubbock Christian High School ESports Team
  • 3rd Place: Walking Blind (Coronado)


  • 1st Place: Wyl_1z (Coronado)
  • 2nd Place: Deranged Platypus Squad (Byron Martin ATC)
  • 3rd Place: TheOutlaws (Lubbock High)

League of Legends

  • 1st Place: The Gold Alliance (Lubbock High)
  • 2nd Place: Frenship Gold
  • 3rd Place: ATC Deranged Platypus Squad


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